@admin I mean, it's obvious that Craig is a jerk. I personally doubt he's really Satoshi, but anything's possible. That bitcoin has evolved so well with such a jerk of a creator is a testament to FOSS. As Taleb said, "turns out all we needed was the structure" and that's the view I take regardless of CSW. Bitcoin is still the world's most convex trade to me, so I'm long enough to potentially have life-changing returns, and inventory enough puts that I can't be seriously hurt @ this point.

@admin and I'd tell this to basically anyone, even the most raging bitcoin bull (I'm a tactical bull for macro reasons over the next 12 months but not a maxi or anything). You are irresponsible whether you have zero exposure or if you have 100% of your net worth in it unhedged. Find the balance that works for you, keep both eyes open to risks like this that could send it lower, and be ready to capitalize on them and take / protect profits.

@admin The big question from the CSW question is the magnitude of possible negative effects. The whitepaper thing is a ridiculous distraction like his US copyright registration (which only demonstrated his lack of knowledge of how copyright law works). The software can very easily be rebranded IMO if it comes to it. It's clear that it has the greatest network power. And any judge should SERIOUSLY question the implications of allowing suit against individuals in an open-source project like this.

@admin LedgerX, but a few warnings first :P

1. They are basically a (regulated, licensed) startup and their UX is positively awful. It seems like nobody there has actually traded options. Their interface is not your friend. I know you know what you're doing, but to anyone else, DO NOT USE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE DOING!!!
2. It's pretty illiquid. We're talking hundreds of contracts of open interest in futures and a few thousand on a popular strike.

@admin so why on earth do I use them?

1. Until very recently (with the launch of Bakkt), they were the only US regulated *options* contract (to my liking).
2. CME has futures (and options), but my brokers don't let me trade the options due to zero liquidity (lol US retail...), and the futures are for 5 BTC (a bit too big for me haha) and cash settled (I want physically settled). LedgerX is 0.01 BTC per contract and physically settled.
3. Illiquidity is a feature if you know how to exploit it.

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