Just listened to this interview: listennotes.com/podcasts/palis

He notes that while JPM is historically the biggest silver short, bu their futures position has been flattened and they are holding a big position in physical silver. However, other big banks are way short. Interesting.

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Anyone thinking about the silver squeeze? I bought some $AG April calls last week and they were up 500% the first day. That's an awesome nut, says blind squirrel. But I'm really interested in what happens when WSB tries to take down JPM and other silver shorts. If it really takes off, it could break stuff.

For battery investors...ML (Millenial Lithium) is going nuts. I wish that I'd bought more. I wanted to be in that space, but did not know enough about ML, so I just have a taster-size position. Anyone with thoughts on ML?


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