Can we get the 60s and 70s Democratic party back?

@admin And whatever happened to the Republican party of Lincoln?

@gregasmaximus American politics have gone absolutely nuts. No room for centrists anymore.

@admin Agreed. I mainly stay out of political discussions but I'm not shy about saying that I'm disgusted by both major parties. I really think that the only route out of this is ranked-choice voting. That allows people to vote for a third party without worrying about "wasting their vote". But if there is a cause that can unite the GOP and Dems, it will be fighting ranked choice voting!

@gregasmaximus @admin YES! Another RCV fan ;) Americans today don't actually vote. They meta-vote based on single issues which just make the parties more polarized. The moderates say they have no choice but to play because "third parties always split the vote." If we had RCV, there would be no risk of voting for who you ACTUALLY like first while ensuring that if herding persists, your 2nd choice gets your support.

@admin I was around, it was no different. Now we just have higher speed comms. 1968 was pretty bad!

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