Ok guys, why are there 25k national guard troops in DC? Why are there agents from dozens of state, local, and federal agencies as well? Saw one report LA Sheriff's department sending cops to DC. WTF is going on?

@admin I've asked myself this question almost any time I opened up US news in the last ~5 years. I sincerely hope nobody gets hurt and we can get back to normal, but wow... it's surreal. US looks more like Syria or something since March :(

@admin The democrats are completely paranoid or then they are going to get really nasty.

@admin The democrats have spent 4+ years hating Trump. They have openly biased media, blatant censorship, good control over the justice system and they have convinced half the nation that Trump is a dangerous criminal.

I think they are only one small step away from crossing the red line. If they are crazy enough and believe their own propaganda, they may arrest Trump for his alleged "crimes"

If I were Trump, I'd be out of the country when Biden takes over.

@admin See, the problem they have is that they spent over 4 years doing their best (or worst) to destroy Trump's reputation. They did everything and still he got more votes than any sitting president running for re-election.

Trump should not have openly told that he plans to return or campaign to replace the RINOs. That means that he's even more dangerous to the political elite. It also makes him a target for any politician who wants to remain in power no matter what.

@admin I'm not saying that it's going to happen or that it's even likely to happen. I just think that considering all that has happened, there's a non-zero possibility of that.

@admin I expect they are pretty worried about a Timothy McVeigh type situation. Worried... tipped off to...

@pmccall777 @admin Or... they want the rest of the country to be in a state of anxiety about a Timothy McVeigh type of situation.

@admin The pendulum swings. Grossly unprepared for 6 Jan. Grossly over prepared for smallest inauguration ever.
Note: Capital Police likely could have prevented the 6 Jan destruction. What were the rules of engagement? They should have used deadly force on every rioter that breached the Capital doors. They are there to protect our leaders, the legislative ranch of our government. This was not a freaking Walmart store!!

@admin Unfortunately unprepared leadership of Cap police, coupled with the inappropriate response to numerous recent riots set the stage for this situation.
Regarding 'Why the dozens of agencies?' I would guess political bragging rights and future budget battles.

@Kurtberry @admin How about the cops that said "we love you guys..." (captured on video). And then Mr. Shaman gets his wish for organic food in jail? I could not make this stuff up! I'm stunned by the way the cops just let this all happen.

I always rolled my eyes when Trump tweeted LAW AND ORDER (I just figured he was watching re-runs). But yeah, it would be nice to have some law and order, applied in an even-handed way.

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