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What do you think of Mastodon as Twitter alternative?

Ok. I’m previewing my newest idea here first. Been working nonstop on due diligence since it came across my radar. Not fully done but imminent news could be major catalyst so you decide, can a) buy before PRs hoping for big pop which may not happen or b) be prepared to buy after PR that could significantly derisk the value dispersions.

Copper is at the confluence of EV/renewable bubble overinvestment, economic stimulus, a supply deficit and low inventories. You know I am
invested in OCO.V...

As the AG of California, Kamala Harris blocked evidence that would exonerate inmates on death row, and kept men in prison at $2/day to make license plates and fight fires.

This mosaic is made from some of the lives she destroyed.

Well, Trump didn't pardon Snowden or Assange after all. What a pussy.

So TSLA fanboys tell you ARK only sells TSLA to keep weighting under 10%, right? WRONG. ARKK is an ACTIVELY managed fund, unlike their weighted funds like PRNT.

ARKK has been steadily disposing of TSLA in recent weeks.

@gregasmaximus @admin TL;DR, when someone on FinPeeps follows someone on another instance, the 2 instances know about each other now. So it's kinda like building out a map over time of communities which this local community knows about. Each one gets its own local flavor but federation ties multiple instances together.

To anyone who joined via - if you click on the "Federated" link on the right you can see posts from several other Mastodon instances.

#mastodon, #fediverse, #new - Is there a way to use an alternate mastodon UI for your instance, automating the oauth flow?

For example, if I wanted to write a UI for our internal organization's instance, but not require them to go directly to the instance to signup, is that easy enough?

As an example, client UIs like Hyperspace (and others) could perhaps have better adoption, for a college club for example, but it would be difficult to make the signup flow look like the Hyperspace UI.

@admin @dasahib As Calvin already noted, it looks like you can significantly discount quite a lot of the assets from their stated values and still come up with a really attractive investment. Not to mention the fact that it seems they have somehow depreciated like half their "hard asset" (PP&E etc) values in the last year. That's... interesting. Also they have a now defunct Israeli real estate op? The last 6 months also saw large windfalls from real estate sales.

40 minutes till price for TankerData and future services goes from $365/yr to $499/yr. Last chance.

Ok guys, why are there 25k national guard troops in DC? Why are there agents from dozens of state, local, and federal agencies as well? Saw one report LA Sheriff's department sending cops to DC. WTF is going on?

@gregvous is working on our upcoming deep dive sessions with Euronav and Scorpio execs which will be shared with our subscribers.

More feature updates coming in January as well and at least one new site per quarter (Shipping & Mining segments) through the end of the year.

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